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St. Catherine of Siena Technology

Fourth Grade

First Quarter

First Day Lesson
Baseball Math

Dance Mat Typing - an introduction to touch typing


external image dot.gif Catawbas
The Catawba were one of the few southeastern Indian tribes not deported to Oklahoma,
and they have preserved their native pottery-making traditions among other customs.

external image dot.gif Creeks
Also known as the Muskogees, the Creeks were one of the most important tribes of the
American southeast, but most of them were forced to relocate to Oklahoma in the 1800's.

external image dot.gif Lumbees
The Lumbees are the descendants of the Carolina Indians who helped the Roanoake Colony.

external image dot.gif Cherokees
Original people of the American Southeast, most Cherokees were forcibly deported to
Oklahoma along the infamous Trail of Tears.

external image dot.gif Tuscaroras
Originally from the American Southeast, the Tuscaroras moved north after the British took over
to join the powerful Iroquois Confederacy.

external image dot.gifOccaneechi
Second Quarter

Word Processing
Internet Safety
Third Quarter

North Carolina County Populations

Build your wildself
Fourth Quarter

Solar System Webquest
PowerPoint Solar System

Sample WebQuest - Sharks!
The Great Race
Diggin' The Tarheel State
Design a Room
Cookie Webquest

Lighthouses Webquest

NC Government WebQuest