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St. Catherine of Siena Technology

Computer Curriculum

Our Vision is to teach technology which will enhance learning, promote creativity and address diverse learning styles so that our students can be successful in today's community and tomorrow's world. We will do this in accordance with Catholic values and principles. Classroom curriculum is integrated into computer lab projects as often as possible.

Kindergarten through Second Grade

Students will begin to understand how a computer works and will learn the correct terminology to identify parts of the computer. Students will practice the use of the mouse, including left click and click and drag on websites like The Fishin’ Mission (you can find it on the K, 1 & 2 pages of my wiki). We will learn to locate letters and special keys on the keyboard through projects like the 1st grade Animal ABC book.
Grades K-2 have class once a week for 30 minutes.

Third through Fifth Grade

Students begin working on proper keyboarding techniques. Students create projects using word processing, multimedia, spreadsheet and database software to enhance classroom curriculum. Students also use the Internet as a research tool and will learn how to keep themselves safe while on the internet through projects like the 5th grade Solar System PowerPoint Presentation.
Grades 3-5 have class once a week for 50 minutes.

Sixth through Eighth Grade

Students focus on advanced word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, database, multimedia, keyboarding and Internet Safety. Students research topics on the internet and then for example create a travel brochure. We use Excel spreadsheets to compare planets, and calculate fast food calories. Students use PowerPoint to create multimedia projects about books they are reading in Language Arts, like “Animal Farm the Sequel”.
The eighth graders put together graduation movie. This is very special for the 8th grade and they work very hard to create a memorable final project that is unveiled at their graduation dinner.
Grades 6-8 have class twice a week for 50 minutes each.


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