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What is the context for this scenario? This mission will require you to learn and apply a variety of Internet search skills using the popular search engine: Google. Your class has been hired to create a promotional campaign to promote the search engine Google. In order to be successful, your campaign has to be effective in teaching your audience a number of Googling skills. Besides becoming an effective independent learner you will be able to efficiently navigate the information superhighway!


What product(s) will I be creating? Your class' promotional campaign will likely have many different facets. You will first work independently to complete your research. After your research is complete you will work in groups to create your final product. You will decide as a group, then have it approved by your teacher, any one of these products: # "Googling Shortcuts" poster to put in the school library/computer lab # "How to Google" brochure # "Google Search Techniques Page” for our School Wiki # "Google Search" PowerPoint presentation # Have and idea of your own? Propose it to your teacher


What steps do I take to complete the task? Searching requires visiting a lot of web pages, you will rarely find what you need in a single sentence on the first page you visit. You will access each of the web links in the “Process” section of the webquest. Using a separate piece of paper, or word document (save as in the z: drive, your class folder, Google folder, your name, write down the web site name and the facts/information you found that will support your final project. 1. Introduction a. a. a. What is Google? a. a. b. How do search engines work? 2. Check out Internet Safety from www.media-awareness.org CyberSense and Nonsense: The Second Adventure of the Three Cyber Pigs 3. Quiz yourself on the validity and authority of websites from www.media-awareness.org - Jo Cool or Jo Fool? 4. Search skills a. a. Standard search terms (z: drive, your class folder, Google folder) - Use google.com to complete the activities on this worksheet a. b. Finding images via Google Image Search(z: drive, your class folder, Google folder) a.a.a.Use google.com to test the advanced search techniques on this worksheet. a. c. Use the Google Cheat Sheet from www.google.com, as additional research and to help you complete the next activity, the scavenger Hunt 5. Scavenger Hunt! Use Google to find the answers as quickly and efficiently as you can to each of the questions from this webpage. http://www.bkfk.com/Modules/Teachers/downloads/student/Discovery1.pdf (you may print this page) 6. Separate into Groups a. a. Decide on the output product (from the list under Task) for your promotional campaigns. a. b. Create your promotional tool. 10. Share your tool with the class. 11. Complete the reflection as specified in the conclusion below.


What resources will I use to complete the task? # Documents on Z: drive in your class folder > a. Standard Search Terms > b. Final Checklist # Google # Googling for Gold # Student Links


How will my learning be evaluated? This task will be assessed by the following instruments: # Scavenger hunt (individual assessment activity); # Assessment of individual contribution to final product; # Learning skill: class participation (including self and teacher evaluation); # Presentation of final product


What have I learned? What have you learned? When might you apply the skills you learned in this task? What were the greatest challenges in this task? What might you do differently given the opportunity to do a similar task again?

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