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Exploring the Lighthouses

of North Carolina!

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Based on Webquest


North Carolina's fourth grade students spend the year learning about our state. The NC coast and the role lighthouses have played in the lives of North Carolinians is an important part of our history. This WebQuest is an opportunity for students and teachers to study these structures more closely.


Use information from the web to collect data about the lighthouses of North Carolina. Then use the information gathered to create a database and PowerPoint presentation about these historical landmarks.


Use these links to start filling in the data on the chart.

  1. Use Excel to create a database of information collected about the lighthouses, use the worksheet above as a template. Save into your grades folder, lighthouses
  2. Create a PowerPoint presentation about one of the lighthouses. Include when it was built, its height, color, location, kind of signals it submits and other interesting facts.
  • Use animation and photos.
  • Include a Works Cited Slide to indicate where you researched your information and where your photos were copied from.


If you didn't find the answers to all of your questions, use these links to get more information


Use this rubric