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St. Catherine of Siena Technology

Technology and the Church

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Pope 2 You - A webportal to the many new applications launched in the past year or so, by the Holy See, to make the Pope more accessible.
Vatican Website - Official Vatican Website
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Follow Benedict XVI and the Church in the world through you iPhone and iPod Touch.
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Vatican YouTube channel
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external image bottone_fb_en.gif Share the most wonderful pictures of Benedict XVI with your friends on Facebook, along with his words of hope and peace. Send the virtual postcards from the Pope to your friends. Spread friendship with the Pope and become a witness of Christ in the world through the web.

Pope Benedict XVI asked young Catholics to use their computers, Facebook accounts, blogs and Internet video posts to share with their peers the joy of faith in Christ.
"Be sure to announce the Gospel to your contemporaries with enthusiasm," the Pope told young people in his message for the World Communications Day.
Full Text Message of the Holy Father Benedict XVI for 43rd World Communications Day